A Walk-in Shower For 2

Over the years, we’ve had many unique bathroom remodeling requests. But recently, a customer challenged us with the task of removing their tub and small shower and designing a walk-in shower that would accommodate two people.

The shower was to have a modern look with separate controls and no door. In addition, an offset in the back wall created an obstacle that might make the shower look like an afterthought. Sounds like a tall order. Right?

Maybe so for most mortal designers, but our creative Design Consultant, Bill Hall, whipped out his design pad and drew on 30 years of remodeling experience to come up with a walk-in shower solution that got a raving approval from our customer.

Removing the tub and small shower gave Bill almost eight feet of length to work with. Fortunately, an existing skylight was centered in the eight-foot space. He positioned shower controls at each end of the space and included two toe-testers. A toe-tester is a small spout about 12” above the shower floor. After stepping into the walk-in shower and turning on the water, you stick your toe under the toe-tester and when your toe tells you the water temperature is just right, you divert the water to the showerhead. No more ice-cold showers when you first get in. The toe-tester is also handy for cleaning the shower without getting all wet.

2-person shower

Bill used the disadvantage of the offset in the back wall as an advantage and created a shelf that looks as if it were built there on purpose. Instead of an ugly offset, it became an attractive shelf to hold the customers’ shower grooming supplies. Now, that’s creativity.

Bill specified a custom base with a drain on each end. His reasoning was that if there was only one drain, maybe in the center, the slope on the shower floor would be much steeper. Two drains require less overall slope, which provides more solid footing.

The customer did not want a walk-in shower door so Bill used his creativity and designed two heavy glass panels with an attractive radius on the top corners. A 24” opening between the panels was the doorway. The heavy glass required only two mounting points giving a clean modern look.

Our customer was not only impressed with Bill’s design and the finished product, but was equally impressed with the Re-Bath staff, their workmanship, and their professionalism.