Bathroom Design on a Budget

Looking for a new bathroom design on a budget? Want your bathroom to look like it came out of a magazine? Don’t have the money for a complete remodel? Good news—you can give your bathroom a fresh new look without the expense of a total remodel.

Is your bathroom in good shape other than cosmetics? Nothing wrong with the tub, tile walls, or floor? No water damage? So your bathroom has good bones, but needs a makeover—right? Great. We can show you how to create a new bathroom design on a budget.

Many bathrooms are just tired. They need a little life to revive their previous beauty. You may be surprised by how a few inexpensive changes can drastically change the look of your bathroom.

7 Design Ideas for a Bathroom Design on a Budget

If you’re the least bit handy, you can handle these projects by your self. Most projects can be completed in a few hours with minimal tools.


Paint the Town

Well no, not really. Paint your bathroom. A fresh coat of paint will transform your bathroom from tired to refreshed. Choose from a neutral or a color that makes a statement. A lighter color will make the bathroom appear larger and can be used as a contrasting background for a colorful shower curtain or towels. Make sure to use a paint that has the proper sheen for bathroom use.

bathroom design on a budget

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Replace your existing mirror with a larger mirror with a decorative frame. The larger the mirror, the larger your bathroom will appear. The decorative frame will add a touch of class. Most home improvement or department stores carry a good selection of framed mirrors.

bathroom design on a budget

I See the Light

Poor lighting makes a bathroom look drab and dingy. Replace outdated light fixtures and add more lighting if needed. Make sure your fixtures have the proper wattage bulbs. In a typical 5 x 7 bathroom, you should have a general lighting source (think ceiling), a light over the tub or shower (vapor proof), and a light over the vanity.

bathroom design on a budget

It’s Curtains for You

The difference between a dull and boring shower curtain and a decorative or designer shower curtain is the difference between night and day, but the cost difference is small. Give your bathroom a personality with a colorful shower curtain that blends with the tile and fixtures.

bathroom design on a budget

If you have a shower door that is covered with soap scum that won’t come off and the glass is beyond cleaning, consider replacing it. Home improvement stores stock the most common shower doors and you can install shower doors in a few hours. Not up to installing a new shower door? Replace your shower door with a curtain.

Throw in the Towel

Splurge on soft and fluffy towels and good quality throw rugs. This is a great chance to add color and personality. Towels and rugs can be used as a contrast to the wall and floor color and give life to the room. Not only will the towels add color, but also you’ll enjoy using them—spa comfort for a few more dollars.

bathroom design on a budget

Knick, Knack Paddy Whack

A few well-placed tasteful pieces of artwork, plants, or knick-knacks will add color, character, and interest to your bathroom. A framed painting or photograph is something you don’t often see in a bathroom, so it’s a refreshing change. If you don’t have a green thumb, a silk plant will help bring the outdoors inside.

bathroom design on a budget

You could do all of these projects in one weekend and totally transform your bathroom for very little money. Your guests will think you completely remodeled your bathroom. But you can smile, because you’re the only one who knows how little it cost and how easy it was.