Re-Bath Before and After: A Regal Remodel

Almost every bathroom designed in the late 1990’s has two main components; a garden tub & a tiny shower stall. One of our most popular remodels is removing this design and replacing it with an extra large walk-in shower that generally leaves an unused space in place of the shower stall. This homeowner decided to utilize their space and keep a tub while still upgrading the features in a dramatic before and after remodel.

rebath before and after

Removing the garden tub and wall surround completely opened up the space of this bathroom. Even when installing an oval oversized freestanding tub, this bathroom feels larger and luxurious. An extra special addition to this design was the wainscoting around the walls, which makes the bathroom feel regal and pristine.

outdated bathroom


The shower stall was removed and replaced by a semi-frameless, all glass walk-in shower stall. This stall is a little larger than the original, but the all glass design makes this shower appear more spacious and clean.

rebath before and after

The stone slab walls in “White Calcutta” inside the shower resembles marble, making this bathroom appear luxurious and expensive. The final upgrade for this remodel was removing the dingy, white vinyl flooring and replacing it with a charcoal-colored floor tile, making the crisp whites in this bathroom pop.

rebath before and after

Taking this bathroom to the next level, the homeowners chose a regal blue paint color and added extravagant features such as a chandelier above the bathtub.

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