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Bathroom Trends for 2018

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Bathroom design is making some big changes in 2018. According to the latest trends bathrooms will now incorporate the latest technology, become more more environmentally conscious, embrace some interesting colors, and a finish for plumbing fixtures that was thought long gone is making a comeback.

Here’s the exciting changes you’ll see in bathroom design for 2018.

Photo by Architecture Art Designs

Keeping it Small

The tiny house movement is changing the way we look at interior design in a big way. Space saving design trends allow homeowners to remodel their smaller bathrooms by removing tubs and creating walk-in showers with floor to ceiling glass walls that give the bathroom a wider visual space.

Homeowners are also choosing to remodel with barrier free or all encompassing shower designs, meaning that the wet area extends out into other parts of the bathroom and may not have a shower curtain or door. While tub lovers are choosing single person soakers over bulky and space wasting double soakers.

Image from Fresh Home

Technological Advances

Technology is making its way into the bathroom at full force. Mirrors equipped with touch screen capabilities that adjust light and display temperature and showers integrated with voice activated music players, light dimmers, and preferred temperature settings are just some of the newest innovations.

Homeowners are starting to include luxuries such as motion activated faucets, energy efficient hand dryers, underfloor heating systems that keep feet warm, and small fridges to store medicines, organic makeups and face creams, or their favorite beverages.

Waterproof televisions are being installed in showers, beside bathtubs, and some screens are even incorporated into the bathroom mirrors making catching up on your morning news or watching your favorite show convenient. (See picture above)

Photo by Remodeling Image


Efficiency will be the most important aspect of bathroom design in 2018 as more homeowners are becoming environmentally conscious.

Water: Smart shower heads help save water by reducing the flow rate and can be set to limit the length of your shower. Motion sensored faucets and low flow toilets can reduce water usage up to 54% according to the latest water conservation data. High efficiency aerators for faucets and showers heads keep water pressure high and water usage low saving both water and energy.

Energy: Smart water heaters let homeowners schedule when hot water is needed and can control the temperature of the water to keep energy use low. LED lighting with motion sensors and dimmer controls and energy efficient exhaust fans are a few other ways to save energy in the bathroom.

Photo by Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

Greige is the New White

Have you heard of “Geige?” This gray + beige combo creates a rich color that works in a warm or cool color scheme. Greige is the best choice for a homeowner looking for the perfect neutral, it comes with no yellow undertones that beiges usually carry nor does it come across as cold like most grays. This will be the color of the year when it comes to bathrooms. Sherwin-Williams even has the “Perfect Greige” color available for purchase.

This bathroom is the great example of what will be popular in 2018: it’s compact design is perfect for smaller bathrooms but still feels open, incorporates technology with motion-sensored faucets, and is embracing the dark.

Embracing the Dark

Black is making its break into the bathroom. Black has already made its way into kitchen design and is slowly making its way into the bathroom. Used as  an accent wall, on cabinetry, or even flooring, black will be making a big splash in the bathroom. The incorporation of black will also make bathrooms feel sleek and modern and can be paired with white for a stark contrast or with greige for a softer, more organic look.

Photo by Design Indulgences

Stay Golden

Unlike the brass fixtures of the past, gold is bringing a regal elegance back into the bathroom. According to Kohler’s new line there is a wide variety of gold options perfect for any bathroom including rose gold, vibrant french gold, vibrant polished brass, and vibrant moderne brushed gold. Where chrome came across as sterile and sleek, gold gives the bathroom warmth and radiance.

If you’re ready to make a change in your bathroom this year give Re-Bath a call. Our experienced design consultants are ready to take your bathroom to the next level with a Free, No Commitment, In-Home consultation with a guaranteed price on the spot.


Bathroom Spruces for Under $50

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The holiday’s are approaching quickly which means you’re probably starting to pinch those pennies. So when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom to impress your friends your budget is probably on your mind. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to spruce up your bathroom for under $50

Photo by DIY Network

  1. Paint: Your bathroom shouldn’t take more than a gallon of paint to completely change the color or to save even more buy a pint and touch up your existing color. Paint can give new life to any bathroom and nothing beats that new paint smell.

    Photo by Home BNC

  2. Re-Organize & Declutter: Nothing is worse than a bathroom vanity top full of stuff, especially when you have company. Declutter your bathroom by throwing away outdated items, move unused items to a drawer or in cabinets, and display items such as soaps, hand towels, and other “must see” items fashionably.
    Photo by Crate and Barrel
  3. New Towels and Bath Mats: Over time towels and bath mats can get dingy and worn out. Why not replace them with plush new towels and fuzzy, soft mats. This simple upgrade can really change the look and feel of your bathroom.
  4. Deep Clean: This one seems pretty straightforward but giving your bathroom a deep clean is the best way to freshen up your bathroom. Windex the mirror, scrub the shower, mop the floor, and don’t forget the baseboards. 
  5. Change Your Showerhead: Showerheads should be changed periodically and yours may be way overdue. This simple fix can be completed for under $50 and a trip to the hardware store. And while you’re at it why not choose an eco-friendly, yet lavish rainwater showerhead?
  6. Matching Bottles: Want your bathroom to have a spa-like feel? Remove shampoos, conditioners, and soaps from their boring containers and transfer them to matching bottles.
    Photo by Little Green Shed
  7. Add Some Greenery: Succulents, ferns, or even pleasant smelling plants like lavender and eucalyptus are great additions to a bathroom. Adding plants brings the outdoors into your bathroom.
    Photo by Apartment Therapy
  8. Make a Gallery Wall: You’ve probably been in a bathroom at a restaurant or Air BnB that featured a gallery wall. Why not create you own. Add an array of mismatched pieces or complimentary pieces to show off your unique style, and give your guests something to admire.
  9. Candles: Candles are always a good idea in the bathroom. They create a tranquil environment and produces sweet scents that will make using your bathroom a joy. Make sure to light them before your guests arrive to create an ambiance of relaxation.
    Photo by Listing More
  10. Behind the Toilet Shelves:  Behind the toilet shelving is a great way to use unused space. Whether you choose a one piece that sits behind the toilet or add multiple floating shelves, this extra storage is a great way to add fun elements into your bathroom such as cute baskets, plants, and more. 


Like these ideas? Feel free to share this post with friends and family so they can spruce up their bathrooms this holiday season.

And when you’re ready for a bathroom remodel, Re-Bath will be here to help you with all your bathroom needs. Just give us a call – we always offer Free, No Commitment, In-Home Consultations.


Fresh Bathroom Vanity Updates

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Fresh Bathroom Vanity Updates

Summer is finally over, which means it’s time to start thinking about those bathroom vanity updates you’ve been putting off – especially before all your family comes to visit for the holidays. If you’re in desperate need of a bathroom update but don’t have the budget for a full remodel – why not freshen up your vanity? Think of your bathroom vanity as the centerpiece of your bathroom. Almost anyone who comes into your bathroom will use it, from washing their hands, to glancing in the mirror which is why it’s so important to make sure your vanity is stylish and up to date.

To give your bathroom vanity a facelift – try one of these ideas.


Fresh Bathroom Vanity Updates

                              Image by Jillian Lare                                        Image by House of Turquoise

Paint: If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, repainting or restaining your cabinets can completely transform the feel of your bathroom. First remove the hardware and doors, sand off the old finish, and apply a new updated stain or paint. Make sure to apply a coat of primer before painting. If you decide to stain make sure to finish with a topcoat for added protection.

While this project will take some time it’s an inexpensive vanity update. We suggest choosing white or black for a neutral look or choose a bold, bright color such as red or teal to give your bathroom a sense of whimsy.


fresh bathroom vanity updates

Image via All Modern

Hardware: One of the simplest ways to update your vanity is to the change out the hardware. Knobs, handles, and faucets can really show the age of your vanity. Remove that outdated gold hardware and replace it with bronze, brushed nickel, or copper for an updated look.

Countertops & Sinks: If your budget allows why not replace your small, oval sink basins with larger, deeper, rectangular sinks for a modern look. And while you’re at it replace your countertops for a complete vanity refresh. If your vanity is a standard size you might find a vanity top at a big box store (such as Lowes or Home Depot) or a Re-Store, which could save you money.


fresh bathroom vanity updates

    Image Via The Glitter Guide                                        Image Via Home Bunch

Mirrors & Medicine Cabinets: Mirrors can be a great statement piece in your bathroom. When it comes to mirrors the options are endless. Your bathroom vanity updates can make a huge difference in the way space appears in your bathroom. Choose a dramatic mirror to double as an art piece or frame your rectangular mirror to give it depth.

If you’re looking for added storage, why not install a medicine cabinet? These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and are perfect for smaller bathrooms.


fresh bathroom vanity updates

Image via BrePurposed

Transform a Furniture Piece: Do you have a great piece of furniture from a flea market or that was handed down that you’re unsure how to use? Why not turn it into a vanity? Cut a hole in the top of a dresser or chest and drop-in a sink and faucet for a one-of-a-kind piece.


bathroom vanity updates

Image by Better Homes and Gardens

Fun Embellishments: Another great way to update a vanity is to add embellishments. Glue lightweight, decorative fretwork panels to drawers or door fronts for an unique pattern, then paint in a matching color or complimentary color for a bold statement.

Now that you’ve been inspired to update your vanity why stop there? Re-Bath’s experienced design consultants can help you transform your outdated bathroom into one of the best looking rooms in your home. We always offer Free, No Commitment, In-Home Consultations with a Guaranteed Price on the spot! Go ahead and give us a call – we’d love to help you design your new bathroom.


Top 9 Bathroom Safety Tips

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Top 9 Bathroom Safety Tips

Did you know that the bathroom could be one of the most dangerous rooms in your home? According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 80% of bathroom related injuries were caused by slips and falls, mostly while getting in and out of a shower and or tub. Check this list of bathroom safety tips to see if you could make any improvements to keep your bathroom safe and your family injury-free:

bathroom safety tips

(Photo and Area Rugs by West Elm)
  1. Bathroom Area Rug Danger
    Did you know bathroom area rugs are one of the top causes of falls in the bathroom? When adding a rug to your bathroom, make sure the mat has slip resistant material on the bottom. If the rug does not have slip resistant material, it’s a good idea to replace it; or if you’re crafty, add rubber on the bottom and edges of the rug.

  2. Grab Bars
    Grab bars are one of the best ways to create a safe shower and bath environment. Grab bars should be added inside and outside of the shower, near the toilet or anywhere else you could lose your footing. Grab bars should be properly installed by a professional to ensure they adequately support the weight. Not to worry- grab bars come in tons of stylish and multi-purpose options, from towel racks to soap dish holders.

  3. Adequate lighting
    Accidents will happen in dark, hard to see places more easily than well lit areas. Bathrooms should always have proper lighting, including overhead lighting, task lighting, and even night lights.

    (Re-Bath Remodels with Shower Seating and Natural Stone Walls)

  4. Have a Seat
    One of the best ways to stay safe in the bathroom is by adding a shower seat or bench. This universal design element allows people of all ages and abilities to enjoy a shower safely and comfortably. The seat can also create a safer environment for tasks such as shaving legs. Seated showering is safer for those who experience stability issues, marrying bathroom safety with comfort and universal design.

    Related: What is Universal Design?
  5. Be Aware
    One major danger in bathrooms is electrical shock. Always check for standing water before plugging in electrical devices such as hair dryers or curling irons. Make sure your bathroom sockets are GCFI approved (ground-fault circuit interrupter). These sockets monitor electric currents which can help prevent a shock. Make sure any appliances are set down far away from water, like your tub or sink.

  6. Water Problems
    Before you enter or exit a shower or tub, always be aware of any standing water that is on the floor that could cause slips. If you notice large pools of water after a shower, there may be water coming from a leaky shower door or an improperly placed shower curtain. 

  7. Don’t Get Burned 
    While some like it hot, not monitoring your water temperature could cause some major safety issues. Setting your water temperature on your water heater or furnace to a maximum of 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit insures that your water cannot reach unsafe temperatures and that children and adults can’t accidentally get burned.bathroom safety tips
  8. Adequate Bathroom Storage
    A neat and organized bathroom is key to bathroom safety. Having proper storage can keep bathrooms tidy and safe. Less clutter means less chances for tripping. It’s also important to keep chemicals, cleaning supplies, and medicines in safe areas, away from children, and away from other items that could potentially get contaminated.

  9. Take Your Time
    It’s no secret that the majority of accidents happen when people are in a hurry, so make sure to take your time. Especially when stepping onto wet surfaces like your shower or even a slick floor, make sure you have your footing or have a grab bar available for support. It’s always important to be safe rather than sorry.

How to Design the Perfect Bathroom for Kid’s

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Whether you’re moving into your dream house or already have a separate bathroom you’re trying to transform for your kid or kids, designing the perfect kid’s bathroom can be a fun project for parents and children to work together to create a fun and unique space.
When it comes to designing the ultimate bathroom for your kids there are 4 design elements to consider; color, simplicity, safety, and storage.

                                                                              Image by This Old House

COLOR – There are 2 options when it comes to color in a kids bathroom:
  1. Go bold. Color is a huge part of any child’s life and the bathroom is no exception. Paint is an easy and fun way to give your child’s bathroom interest and a playful feel. Ask your kids to create one-of-a-kind artwork for the bathroom and frame it (like pictured above). Towels, wall-clings, accessories, and step-stools are another great way to add color in the bathroom.
  2.  Stay neutral. If you want the bathroom to be a little more neutral choose a paint in a white or gray range. These neutral colors create the perfect backdrop for color to be added through furniture, accessories, stools, towels, and other easily changeable pieces.This color choice allows your kids to grow into the bathroom effortlessly.

                               Beach Style Bathroom by Grand Rapids Home Builders BDR Executive Custom Homes

KEEP IT SIMPLE – Sleek and simple design is great for any kid’s bathroom. Clean lines and minimalistic elements allow your children to learn how to keep the bathroom tidy.
This rule of simplicity also comes into play when adding decor. If your child chooses a theme such as dinosaurs or mermaids, add a few focal pieces throughout. Soap dishes, toothbrush holders, shower curtains, and fun hardware for cabinets can personalize the bathroom in a tasteful way without going overboard.
Choosing a bathroom that has a tub/shower combo is the best option for your children as they can utilize the tub when they are younger and grow into the shower.

                                                                                  Photo by DIY Network

SAFETY – It’s important to make sure your bathroom is safe for your child at any age. For added safety use bath mats outside of the tub and non-slip adhesives on the bottom of the tub to prevent slips and falls when children enter and exit the bath.
The addition of silicon drain and faucet covers can prevent injuries if you have playful children in the bathtub, while toilet seat clips (plastic clip that holds your toilet seat cover down) and cabinet locks prevent children from getting into potentially dangerous areas.

STORAGE – From bath toys, to hair accessories, towels, and more your kid’s bathroom can easily become cluttered. Having adequate storage can prevent clutter and make the bathroom safer for kids and parents alike. Add baskets or plastic storage containers inside the vanity to separate various items.


Shower caddies can be used to hold toiletries and toys during bath time instead of placing them on shower shelves where they can fall.
Storage is another great way to add color to the bathroom, from open shelving, to colorful pieces such as removable shelving or baskets. (As pictured above.)


If you’re thinking about designing a bathroom for your child give the experts at Re-Bath a call. We would be happy to give you a Free, No Commitment, Home Consultation with a Guaranteed Price on the Spot.


Luxury Bathtubs 101: Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom

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Luxury Bathtubs 101: Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Luxury bathtubs (also known as whirlpools, soaking tubs, garden tubs, and free-standing tubs) can turn your everyday master bathroom into a tranquil space you look forward to using. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which luxury bathtub is right for your bathroom.

We’ve compiled a list of each tub’s pros and cons to allow you to make an educated decision when it comes to choosing the right bathtub.


luxury bathtubs

Free-Standing /Soaking Tubs

PROS: Soaking tubs have a minimum of 14/15 inch water depth (with depths reaching 25 inches), ensuring that a person can become completely covered in water without runoff. This can provide therapeutic benefits such as muscle pain relief, better circulation, and better sleep.

luxury bathtubs


luxury bathtubs









  • These luxury bathtubs make a statement and come in a myriad of styles and shapes including clawfoot (the classic style of bronze, gold, silver feet at the bottom), oval, rectangular, slipper style (curved high back which supports neck and head), double slipper style (two high curved backs), and even hourglass.
  • Unlike Whirlpool tubs, freestanding tubs do not make noise and allow users a deep, quiet soak. They are also easier to install as they do not require an electrical connection.


CONS: A freestanding tub is not surrounded by a support structure, meaning it is possible for slips and falls to happen since the only thing you have to hang onto is the edge of the tub. This issue can be addressed by adding grab bars within the vicinity of the tub or installing steps or slip resistant adhesives to the bottom of the tub and surrounding floor.  

  • Freestanding tubs can be quite heavy depending on the size and could possibly require a reinforced floor.
  • Because the walls of the tubs are quite tall, leaning over to adequately clean the tub can prove challenging.


luxury bathtubs


Whirlpool Tubs

PROS: These luxury bathtubs offer therapeutic properties by using water and air to to massage strategic locations on your body. You can choose between air jets (where air is pushed through pinholes that creates a feeling of a complete body massage) or a whirlpool system (which forces water through adjustable jets that creates a pleasant massage at specific areas).

  • Whirlpool tubs are considered a luxury item when re-selling your home and can raise the value of your home.


CONS: Cleaning can be quite difficult. Not only do you have to clean the tub, but you also have to clean the jets and the pipes as algae and other waterborne bacteria can grow in these pipes. It is recommended that these pipes be flushed thoroughly twice a month to prevent bacteria.

  • Ventilation can also be an issue. Due to the high heat combined with the whirlpool jets, moisture can build up faster than usual, which could cause mold or wall damage if your bathroom is not properly ventilated.


luxury bathtubs

Built-In/ Garden Tubs

PROS: In general, these luxury bathtubs are the more affordable option when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. They come in an array of sizes and are perfect for smaller bathrooms.

  • Garden tubs are smaller and allow easy access for cleaning. Since the tub is built in or has an additional wall surround, you only have to worry about cleaning the tub and the wall surround, and not underneath or around the tub.
  • Because these tubs are built with a ledge or surround, you have more storage for toiletries, plants, candles, or even holding your wine glass.


CONS: These limited luxury bathtub options don’t allow for many design choices and usually fit within a predetermined space.

  • These luxury bathtubs are not as popular anymore and could lessen the resale value of your home.


If you’d like to learn more information about any of these tub options, call Re-Bath today. Our expert Design Consultants can answer all your questions. Our Free No-Commitment In-home Design Consultations will allow our design team to determine which tub is right for your bathroom and we will give you a guaranteed price on the spot. 

Re-Bath Before and After: Upgrading a Master Bath

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Before and After: Upgrading a Master Bath

Have you been thinking about upgrading a master bath in your home? We tackle master bathroom remodels on a daily basis and know exactly how to create the perfect, modern, master bathroom for your home.

upgrading a master bath

A Re-Bath Before and After
In this example, the original bathroom had outdated vinyl flooring, an unused garden tub, a dated vanity, and a dark, cramped shower stall. In most cases when we remove garden tubs, we use that space to install a walk-in shower. However in this case, the homeowners wanted to leave the space open to incorporate plants and other natural elements while upgrading their master bath.

upgrading a master bath

To create a relaxing environment, the homeowners chose a neutral color scheme throughout. This color scheme was incorporated through large, Luxury Vinyl tile flooring, a bronze shower frame, tan ceramic tile shower walls with a brown and granite tile feature strip, and a chestnut vanity.

upgrading a master bath


We removed the wall that boxed in the shower stall, this allowed the natural light from the window to enter the shower. We also installed glass walls to add natural light and to give the shower a modern look.

The inside of the shower was tiled with large, square tiles and a glass tile feature strip, soap and shampoo niche, and grab bars. The shower head is equipped with a removable hand-held shower arm. These additions bring class and style into the shower.

upgrading a master bath

The last piece of upgrading a master bathroom remodel for this family was the chestnut vanity with his and her medicine cabinets and sinks. A towel bar was added on the side of the vanity. The homeowner added wooden benches to display their plants in the space where the garden tub used to be bringing the outdoors inside.

upgrading a master bath


If you’re interested in upgrading your master bathroom give us a call. We’d love to come out and help you design your master bathroom. Our In-Home Consultations are always Free, with No Commitment, and we always give you a guaranteed price on the spot!


Creative Bathroom Lighting Design Tricks

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Creative Bathroom Lighting Design Tricks

Every room in the house can be improved with more lighting, and the bathroom is no exception. For privacy reasons, bathrooms don’t tend to have large windows but there are still plenty of ways to brighten up a bathroom. In this post we will describe the various ways to brighten your bathroom from task lighting to reflective lighting, strip lighting, sconce lighting and more. Read below to find out which creative bathroom lighting design tricks would work best in your bathroom.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks

What Kind of Light Do You Already Have?

Standard bathrooms typically have two main kinds of lighting, general lighting (a light in the center of the ceiling) and some form of task lighting (a light over an area such as a mirror or the shower.) While these light sources are adequate they don’t always provide ample lighting.

If your bathroom is only equipped with general lighting, we suggest adding task lighting. Examples of task lighting would be lighting above a shower, mirrors, makeup area, and over a stand alone tub.

Another quick fix can be replacing your old incandescent lightbulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs. LED will give you a brighter light compared to incandescent; you will also save money as LED is energy efficient and lasts longer. With LED lights you can choose between a whiter light for cool colors or a yellow light for earth tones.

To improve the lighting in your bathroom, try one of these options below:

Reflective Light

You can increase the amount of light in a room by using reflective surfaces. Metal, mirrors, glass, and even white or light colored paint can reflect light to make your bathroom appear brighter and larger.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is a great addition to any bathroom due to its versatility. LED strip lighting is a long string of lights, (some are bendable while others are stationary) that can be added around the edge of a mirror (like pictured above) or medicine cabinet, above wall cabinets, or inside wall cabinets with glass doors. They can also be installed under a floating vanity or above the vanity toekick, making them one of the most versatile and creative bathroom lighting design tricks.

led strip bathroom lighting

Image Courtesy of

Sconce Lighting

When adding light near a mirror, you want to avoid direct light above your head. Overhead lighting will fall directly on your head and cast a shadow on your face making grooming difficult. The addition of sconce lights on either side of the mirror lights your face evenly.

creative bathroom lighting design tricks


Dimmers can be a very simple fix to change the feel of your bathroom. Instead of having to turn on a bright light at any time of the day, you can vary the intensity of the lights. Dimmers allow for a softer light in early mornings and late nights.


If you’re in the market for a bathroom remodel let the pros at Re-Bath help ensure your beautiful new bathroom will be well lit. We offer Free No-Commitment Home Consultations with a Guaranteed Price on the Spot – so what are you waiting for – give us a call today!

4 Reasons to Consider a Walk-in Shower Without Doors

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4 Reasons to Consider a Walk-in Shower Without Doors

A walk-in shower without doors is the latest feature in luxury bathroom design. These custom designed showers are great for universal design, require minimal maintenance, and can make your bathroom look and feel larger.

walk-in shower without doors

Sometimes referred to as Roman showers, the walk-in shower without doors resemble those early, unenclosed spaces in the middle of the city squares that Roman’s bathed in.

If you’ve been considering installing a walk-in shower without doors in your bathroom read this post to decide if it’s right for you.


1) Unique Shower Design


A main advantage of a walk-in shower without a door is their one-of-a-kind design, creating a truly unique space that will be the envy of all your friends. These lavish and luxurious showers can be designed to fit in any space, whether in a corner, taking the place of a large garden tub, or even in small bathrooms.

showers without doors

Most people would think their smaller bathroom couldn’t accommodate a walk-in shower without a door but we’ve been able to install many walk-in showers in smaller bathrooms because of our creativity, ingenuity, and experience.

While any showerhead will work within a walk-in shower without a door, it is recommended to use an overhead mounted showerhead, commonly known as a rainfall showerhead to minimize splashing. A wall-mounted shower head should be placed at least 5 feet from the shower opening to prevent splashing.  You can also install a handheld, personal shower head to make it easy to clean the shower.


2)Perfect for Universal Design


 Universal Design is the practice in which environments are designed that are inherently accessible to older people and people of all ages with or without disabilities.

walk-in shower without doors

Walk-in showers come in three entry varieties, or entry levels:

  • level entry (a seamless transition between the floor and the shower)
  • no threshold (no barrier to walk over)  
  • low threshold (a small barrier to walk over no more than 3” in height)


This allows homeowners to choose the entry design that is right for them and their needs.

These showers are designed with a gentle slope towards the drain to contain all the water within the shower area. Tile shower bases and precast shower bases are considered slip-resistant however if you are concerned about additional safety you can always add slip-resistant adhesive strips to the floor or the base.


3)Cleaning and Maintenance

The biggest challenge with any shower or bathtub surround is cleaning. A walk-in shower without doors fixes this problem. By removing the door, you are eliminating 50% of the cleaning.

walk-in shower without doors

However if you choose to design a walk-in shower with glass you will still have to squeegee the glass, however coatings can be applied to the glass to reduce water spotting and keep the glass cleaner longer.


4) Visual Space


Shower doors break up space and can make your bathroom appear smaller. Removing the shower door will create more visual space which makes your bathroom appear larger. In an entry-level design use the same tile on the floor as the shower base to give it a seamless look.

walk-in shower without doors

Think your bathroom is too small for a doorless walk-in shower – take this amazing bathroom above for an example. By installing water-resistant flooring and tile walls, homeowners are able to shower and bathe in the same location within a small space. This design would be perfect for smaller master bathrooms or stylish guest bathrooms.

To find more inspiration on how to incorporate a doorless shower into your home, visit here.

Endless configurations of these unique and spacious walk-in showers are possible and we’d be happy to help you design one to fit within your space. Our experienced design consultants are available to answer any questions you have and would love to visit your home and give you a Free In-Home Consultation and give you a Guaranteed Price on the spot. Give us a call today and we can start designing your new bathroom tomorrow!


5 Hottest 2017 Bathroom Trends of the Year

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5 Hottest 2017 Bathroom Trends of the Year

2016 is finally over and with a new year comes new changes to the 2017 bathroom trends in design and composition.  From new colors to smart storage ideas, and even getting a little funky with dimensional tile, we are bringing you the best 2017 has to offer when it comes to designing your bathroom.

1) Colors of the Year: Every year Pantone, the experts in color, create a color matching system to best fit the latest trends and styles of the upcoming year. This year “Greenery” was chosen as the Pantone color of the Year for 2017.

Green is a great way to bring nature into your bathroom, whether through paint, plants, or décor. Its complementary colors combine dark and moody tones including emeralds, ruby, and navy. They also contrast with pastels to be used as accents offsetting the bright whites that never go out of style, or to give a pop of color to neutrals, or to tone down dark colors.

2017 bathroom trends


2) Smart Storage: Storage is essential in the bathroom but with the creation of new designs storage is more than just the usual sliding drawers. Some of the most popular creative storage options are long and lean vertical drawers, open storage on the side of cabinetry, drawer dividers, and specifically designed pullouts to fit your space.

Newer medicine cabinets are more decorative and make a statement, combining the necessity of a mirror with the functionality of hidden storage.

2017 bathroom trends


3) Organic Elements: Elements from nature such as wood, stone, metal, and ceramic will never go out of style. These classic designs add warmth to any room and mesh perfectly with whites, neutrals, and grays. Most people find that organic elements bring a sense of tranquility to their bathroom and are usually paired with plants.

If budgetary restrictions prohibit you from adding high-end items such as furniture-like vanities, copper tubs, or marble tile don’t fret. With new technologies many products are available that look identical to these must have items but only cost a fraction of the price. 

2017 bathroom trends

4) Farmhouse Décor: With the popularity of HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, farmhouse décor is popping up in stores, design catalogues, and even in the bathroom. Farmhouse décor is an interior design trend that represents the simplicity and beauty of rural living and the simplistic ideas of the past, incorporating freestanding tubs, large basin sinks, rustic ladder towel holders, woven or metal baskets, open storage, exposed beams and an abundance of wood. 

Of course, no farmhouse décor would be complete without shiplap, the inexpensive wooden siding used commonly for exteriors that has been making it’s way into homes the past few years. Shiplap can be seen in the photo above to the right, and is primarily used as a feature wall or to bring texture into the bathroom.

2017 bathroom design trends


5) Dimensional Tile: Tile that creates movement and depth are making waves in the bathroom. In the same way wallpaper adds dimension, tile can create an entirely new room. As the same way wallpaper can be bold and overwhelming, same goes with dimensional tile, use this technique for an accent wall, behind a vanity or toilet area. When working within a budget use these tiles as a mirror surround or as a feature strip in the shower.

2017 bathroom trends

If a new bathroom is one of your resolutions give Re-Bath a call! We offer a free, no-commitment in-home design consultation with a guaranteed quote on the spot. We’d love to bring your remodel up to speed with the best 2017 bathroom trends with these or other great elements.

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