Is a Bathtub Liner Your Best Option?

When beginning the bathroom remodeling process the amount of options may seem overwhelming and it may be hard to determine what is the right fix for your bathroom. One option is a bathtub liner, an one-piece acrylic shell that fits over an existing tub. While these are a cheaper and faster option than a complete remodel, there are very few instances where bath liners are advantageous.



(A one-piece shower/tub liner that fits over existing tub)


Pros and Cons of Bathtub Liners

There are many reasons to like the idea of a bathtub liner. They require no permits, can be installed in a day, and create very little noise, debris, or hassle of a demolition.

bathtub liners

(Water Leakage and Improper Installation of a Tub Liner)


With these “easy” remodels, there can be some serious problems with bathtub liners. Water leakage is a huge problem with bathtub liners. If a liner is not sealed properly (in most cases means replacing the walls) water can get caught between your liner and your existing tub creating mold, mildew, and create holes in your liner.


It’s not just water leakage under your tub that can be an issue, without a complete remodel there is no way to look under or behind your walls to see if any water leakage has already occurred. When Re-Bath remodels your bathroom, we make sure to check for any water damage and replace rotted wood to create a stable and code-approved bathroom.

Another serious issue that can occur with tub liners is that “spongy” feeling you get when you step into your shower. If you’re stepping on uneven or unstable surfaces in your liner, you could be causing cracking or leakage. That’s why it is best to have a tub or shower replacement instead of a liner.

bath liners

(A walk-in shower or tub replacement with Durabath)

Cost of Bathtub Liner vs. Bathroom Remodel

Overall a bathtub liner is comparable to a tub/shower remodel. Most bathtub liners cost around $5,000-$8,000 in the low to mid range while a Durabath shower remodel from Re-Bath costs around $5,500-$8,000 in our low range replacements. This comes with a tub replacement and Durabath surround or a walk-in shower with Durabath surround.

If you’re interested in discussing your options or need more information on bathtub liners, tub replacements, or shower replacements please call our office, we’d be happy to give you a free, no-commitment, Home Consultation with a quote on the spot!