What Kind of Bathroom Privacy Windows Are Right For You?

Is an age-old struggle: You want plenty of light in your bathroom, but you also want privacy. So what is the best privacy window for your bathroom? Fortunately, there are quite a few bathroom privacy window options and the prices range from inexpensive to expensive.

Here are a few questions to help you find the right bathroom privacy windows:

  • Do you want to control the light?
  • Do you care if people see your silhouette through the window?
  • Are you looking for something functional or decorative?
  • Can a skylight or window be installed in your bathroom?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Here are four options for bathroom privacy windows starting with the least expensive and moving to the most expensive:

Privacy Window Film
bathroom privacy windows
Privacy window film is an inexpensive option. Window film starts at under $20 per window. It’s easy to apply; some adhere by static cling so it’s a no mess install. Films are available in solids and a wide variety of decorative patterns. Depending on the film, outsiders may be able to see your silhouette, especially at night. Films may even reduce heat gain.

Window Coverings
bathroom privacy windows
Window coverings that provide privacy include shades, shutters, blinds and curtains. Window coverings allow you to control the amount of light. A pull down window shade will give complete privacy for little money. Shutters, blinds and curtains allow you to control the light and add a decorative touch. You can find all of these inexpensively, but custom sized wood plantation shutters will cost several hundred dollars.

Glass Block Window
bathroom privacy windows
Replace your window with a glass block window. A glass block window offers privacy, insulation and security. They are available in custom sized units, which makes installation easier. Distorted silhouettes can be seen through glass block. Expect to pay three to six hundred for a glass block window installed.

Add a Skylight or High Window
bathroom privacy windows
If the budget allows you can add a light source without privacy concerns. A skylight or a light tunnel is a great way to bring light into the bathroom. A light tunnel is mounted on the roof and the light flows through a flexible shaft that exits through a lens in the ceiling. It provides a great amount of light, but the light cannot be controlled. A window, twelve to fifteen inches high, installed a foot down from the ceiling is a great light source without privacy worries. Light tunnels start at $500 installed. A window or skylight with construction costs start at about $1,500.

Bathroom window privacy comes in many forms and prices. Which solution is best for your bathroom and budget?