How To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Do you have a small bathroom? Many homes have a full or half bathrooms that just aren’t as spacious as we wished they were. Luckily, there are many design choices that can help you learn how to make your bathroom look bigger. We’re going to teach you a few of our favorite professional bathroom remodeling design techniques to make a bathroom of any size appear larger and more spacious. Check out these expert-level tips:

The Art of Luxury

The art of fooling the eye can be created by distraction. A well-chosen high-end touch, such as the combination of the onyx vessel sink and pillowed onyx tile in this powder room, can make such a dramatic effect that you won’t notice the size of the room. The impression of resplendence can leave guests feeling refreshed by their surroundings instead of oppressed by them.

how to make your bathroom look bigger


Balance Your Space

In a tight space, it’s important to consider visual balance. Too much art on a wall or too many decorative items on a shelf make the room feel cramped. Keeping at least 40% of the room as negative space (that means empty walls. No art, no towel racks, no cabinets) will keep your bathroom from looking overcrowded.

In this bath, for example, a quiet, soothing tile rather than a busy pattern counts as negative space. A mirrored medicine cabinet in addition to the over-sink mirror produces the illusion of depth, but the lion’s share of wall space is free of ornament and restful to the eye.

Stripes or Solids?

While vertical stripes give the appearance of looking taller or leaner, horizontal stripes or tile bands around your bathroom can help make the room look wider. Choose a brighter base color that will refract more light, and offset it with a darker band to wrap around your bathroom walls. Narrow horizontal stripes will make the maximum impact with minimum square footage.

how to make your bathroom look bigger

A Little Off-Center

Want to give the illusion that you have a little more usable counter space than you really do? Place the bathroom sink off-center rather than in the middle of the vanity top to create more usable surface to the left for toiletries. This works exceptionally well with vessel sinks, which draw the eyes naturally away from the vanity top while offering a little extra space.

Go Vertical

Floor-to-ceiling tile emphasizes every inch of height you have and makes a stunning presentation. Subway tiles, mosaic tile or diamond-shaped tiles are good choices. Floor-to-ceiling tile can elongate the walls in your bathroom and make the ceilings appear higher. Combining this effect with a pencil stripe border about eight inches from the ceiling can enhance the effect and make your bathroom look bigger.
how to make your bathroom look bigger

So, when designing a small bathroom, use some of these ideas to create a space that will make your bathroom look bigger than it really is. A small bathroom that appears larger will feel more comfortable, spacious, and airy. Your guests will fall in love with your bathroom, they just won’t know why.