Re-Bath Before and After: Latest Tile Design Trends

How can I make my bathroom unique? This is a question we get asked almost every time we sit down at a consultation. While there are almost an infinite amount of combinations a customer can choose from when it comes to flooring, cabinetry, countertops, hardware, and shower combinations, there are limited choices when it comes to the latest tile design trends.

One of the popular trends in tile this year is oversized tile, which makes your shower appear larger, but it seems there is another new trend forming in the world of tile design.

latest bathroom tile design trends

One Re-Bath customer wanted to install a feature strip in her new walk-in shower, but didn’t want it to look like every other remodel she had seen online. Instead of choosing to install a horizontal feature strip along the top third of her shower, we suggested installing the feature strip vertically along the corners of the shower, creating a waterfall tile effect.

latest bathroom tile design trends

Waterfall Tile

Waterfall tile is a feature strip that flows vertically instead of horizontally, adequately named for the waterfall-esque appearance that it creates. The customer chose cool blue and green and gray tile to contrast the main tile. However, as you can see in the photos, the waterfall tile accent is not the only thing that makes this walk-in shower so amazing.

Re-Bath completely changed the space and feel of this bathroom. What was once a cramped, small, dysfunctional space has now become a spacious and eye-grabbing room of luxury.

latest bathroom tile design trends

This level entry shower is modern and sleek, as well as universally designed. By removing the unused garden tub, and tearing out the geometric tiled shower we created a larger shower space, with oversized square tiles, dual shower heads, corner shelves, and curved grab bar for added appeal.

This all glass, door-less, frameless, walk-in shower is an attribute usually associated with high-end spas that this customer now gets to enjoy every day.

It’s amazing to think how cramped and small this bathroom was before a Re-Bath renovation. Instead of an eyesore, this bathroom has become a grand feature in this home and transforms the room into a personal sanctuary.

latest bathroom tile design trends

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