Top Bathroom Design Trends of 2013

Trends come and go, but we have 3 bathroom design trends that are in this year. Whether you are a traditionalist at heart, or if you prefer a more modern flair, there’s a look that’s perfect for everyone.

Choose what style will suit you best. Go all out or go small— but either way, a simple bathroom remodel can become your place for a private getaway. Check out the hottest bathroom design trends of 2013:

1) Vintage Style For Your Bathroom

bathroom design trends of 2013“Vintage” doesn’t have to mean “old.” Picture the roaring 20s—a time of classic movie actors and glamor. The time was filled with vibrant beauty. Perhaps you won’t go swing dancing into the bathroom each morning, but you can enjoy a bathroom that is beautiful— no matter the decade.

For a timeless vintage look for your bathroom, minimize your use of color and utilize white, cream, or black to offset your palate. Using tile can accentuate any wall or floor. Tile mosaics make for stunning floor patterns. Rectangular subway tiles can be used to line your shower or wall surround and recreate the era with style!

Add a porcelain pedestal or wall sink for a soft, welcoming look. Selecting the right mirror will do wonders to the space— choose between hinged or set mirrored medicine cabinets, or a traditional framed mirror (with a darker boarder) to create contrast.

For a final effect of flair, vintage-style lighting (particularly single and double-scone light fixtures) will really incorporate a classic look and feel.

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2)Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

bathroom design trends of 2013

Sometimes less is more. The one thing to keep in mind about modern minimalist design is that it doesn’t have to feel cold and barren. The main objective with a modern bathroom design is having clean lines and a neat, uniform space.

The less clutter you have on your walls, floor, and vanity, the “cleaner” your space will look. The goal is to use only 25% of the negative space (wall and floor space containing no pictures, towel racks, decorations, etc) in your bathroom. The items you do include will have a much greater focal impact.

Generally neutral colors, natural materials and industrial-style lighting will provide a sophisticated, almost “spa-like” feel from this type of design. You could incorporate marble floors with contrasting granite countertops. Adding a glass shower will open up the space, while creating a chic balance.

Track and recessed lighting will enhance the openness of the room by saving wall space. Remember, it’s not about how many items adorn the bathroom, its where and how they are situated.

3) Contemporary

One of the hottest bathroom design trends of 2013 is the contemporary look. This is the school of design most modern home builders use and install into homes. The contemporary stylistic approach incorporates both traditional and modern bathroom elements—it’s a great package deal, so to speak. Break free from the spatial rules incorporated in modern design, and spruce up the finishing touches with boundless variety. Comfort and practicality lies at the center of contemporary design.

bathroom design trends of 2013

Choose a bath or shower surround that gives a depth of contrast and personality. Paints, while typically more light and tranquil-based, can also be rather bold and dramatic. Sinks can range from all sorts of shapes and types— including countertop, glass vessel, wall-mounted sinks, etc. Lighting can be either subtle by utilizing track/recessed lighting, or spotlighted on a target like the vanity, bath, shower or artwork to create a bold artistic statement.

Contemporary design uniquely combines old and new touches for a remarkable, one-of-a-kind feel.

Regardless of your stylistic preference, these three bathroom design trends offer bold, subtle and beautiful elements to bathroom design. The question is, which one is right for you?

Guest contributor Andrea Fisher is an online marketer and content specialist for ADT Business Security Systems. She is a published journalist & blogger with an English degree and political science minor from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.